Our Services

Training opportunities

Pre-vocational training builds skills that promote independence in the workplace. We focus on specific job skills, such as processing garden products, sorting resale goods, shredding , cutting rags and janitorial tasks.  Just as important are “soft” skills, such as getting along with co-workers, talking to the boss, receiving/giving communication, requesting  help, and observing safety rules. Our goal is to enable patrons to gain the skills for employment.

Shredding Demo

Functional life skills

Cooking, reading, and money skills are among the topics we teach to enhance  functional life skills.  We use products from our garden in cooking activities. The resale shop offers opportunities to build money skills. We want individuals to gain experience that will enable them to live as independently as possible at home and in the community.

Trash Hauling

Employment activities

New Horizons employs many of our patrons in small business activities that benefit the community. Shredding documents from local businesses and agencies is a good fit for patrons who do not  read but like the steady structure of this activity.

Our patrons also produce disposable rags from cotton clothing donations that are not saleable. The clothing is cut into rag-sized squares, boxed and sold to many local businesses, such as fabrication facilities and repair shops.

Garden Products

Special Olympics

New Caney New Horizons sponsors the local New Caney Nitros Special Olympics team.  Members train and compete year-round in a variety sports, including football, track, basketball and bowling.


New Horizons operates two vans to provide patrons transportation to the activity center and on community outings.  Community donations help maintain and fuel the vans.

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